Celebrate Father’s Day with the Ultimate Keyboard Experience! Enter Our Giveaway and Enjoy Exclusive Discounts!

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⏳️6 June - 16 June


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Q: How can i get Father's Day Deal discount?

A: For certain keyboards, use the badge discount code on the product page, For the 20% off products, please use the code: "Womier20", for the 30% off products, please use the code: "Womier30"

Q: How can I use the special offer? (Buy any mechanical keyboard and get 50% off on selected keycaps!)

A: Both keyboard and keycap has to be added to the cart and use the code "50Keycap", Also the keyboard & keycap has to be pick from the product collection called: "Keyboard" & "Keycap - 30% OFF" on this page

Q: When and where do you announcement of Winners?

A: We will announce the winners on 16th June, the winners will receive an email from us.

Q: For any other questions?

A: Please email us at