Womier RD 75

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Quick-Release RD75 Keyboard: Effortless Installation and Removal


Magnetic Ball-Catch Screwless Housing

Embrace a seamless blend of form and function with this innovative fixture that effortlessly secures your doors and panels without the need for unsightly screws.

Magnetic Daughter Board

Designed for efficiency and ease, this Magnetic Daughter Board ensures a seamless assembly experience. No more wrestling with connectors—our magnetic technology makes attaching and detaching effortless.

Magnetic Snap Lock

LDesigned to provide a effortless connection, this innovative magnetic design ensures your assemblely quick with just a gentle touch.

Elegant Exterior Design

CNC Aluminum Body:The meticulous CNC machining process ensures each piece is crafted with precision and accuracy, resulting in a smooth finish and perfect fit.


Sleek Back:A sleek brushed stainless steel back panel that not only adds a touch of elegance but also enhances its durability. The innovative design incorporates the USB dongle storage slot hidden under a decorative magnetic metal badge ensuring that you securely store when not in use. Additionally, our product boasts a magnetic aluminum alloy nameplate, which serves as both a stylish accent and a functional feature, allowing for easy attachment.

Elevate Your Experience

Universal Connectivity & QMK/VIA Support

Type and Sound

Elevate your typing experience with our meticulously designed mechanical switches, offering unparalleled precision and responsiveness. Let each click be a note in your personal composition, turning work into a concert of productivity.

Switches, Keycaps and RGB

The RD 75 has custom-engineered Full POM Switches to enhance your typing experience. You also can indulge in the tactile luxury of our  Double Shot PBT Keycaps, crafted for comfort and durability. Meanwhile, The RD 75 elevates personal expression to new heights with dynamic RGB animations and on-device lighting adjustments . Whether you're a gamer seeking edge, a coder on a marathon, or a writer lost in words etc, our keyboard components are the perfect blend of form and function.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is QMK/VIA Support?

QMK is an open-source firmware that allows users to program their mechanical keyboards to their specific preferences. It provides extensive customization options for key mapping, macros, lighting effects, and more.
VIA is a graphical interface open-source software built on top of QMK. It offers a user-friendly way to configure and customize keyboards that support the QMK firmware. VIA simplifies the process of remapping keys, assigning macros, adjusting lighting effects, and other settings, without programming experience.

Does the Womier RD75 work on a Mac?

Yes, the Womier RD75 is compatible with Mac systems.
Please note, that it comes with standard keycaps rather than Mac-specific modifier keycaps. The Mac-specific modifier keycaps will be free and included when the program hits Stage 1.
However, you can easily configure it for Mac use by adjusting settings through the QMK/VIA software, allowing for a seamless integration with your Mac setup.

What is the polling rate of the Womier RD75?

The polling rate of the Womier RD75 is 1000Hz (Wired Mode), ???Hz(Wireless Mode)

Does the Womier RD75 support NKRO/Anti-ghosting?

Yes, NKRO/Anti-ghosting on both wireless and wired modes.